Tribute to Cassianoo Gabus Mendes (1927-1993)

Cassianoo Gabus Mendes

Cassianoo Gabus Mendes

Cassiano Gabus Mendes was an innovator of Brazilian television as he infused humor into all his characters, this being a distinctive characteristic in all the telenovelas he created throughout his career.

In 1966 he wrote his first telenovela “El amor tiene cara de mujer” (original by the Argentine Nene Cascallar) and in 1968, he created the compendium that transformed and altered the Brazilian telenovela structure, in blending with cleverness drama and humor in the anti-hero character in “Beto Rockefeller”.

This man commenced in television next to the first Brazilian company, TV Tupi (1950),
Cassiano-Gabus-3where he collaborated  as a production assistant, became a producer where he flourished, and devoted to become a novelist and become the first artistic director of the Brazilian television. His first creation was the series “Alo, Docura!”, and on the air from 1953 until 1964.

Already in Rede Globo, in 1977, he writes what would be labeled the second phase in the modernization of the telenovela genre: “Locomotivas”. He also completed other successful productions until 1993, year in which he released his last work work, “O Mapa da Mina” (1933).

Cassiano-Gabus-2Cassiano Gabus scripts were also produced in Chile, especially for Universidad Catolica  and TV Nacional of Chile, between 1986 and 1996. His work currently is a source of inspiration for a new success, the new version of “Ti Ti Ti”, written by Maria Adelaide Amaral.

Cassiano Gabus Mendes is the father of two major actors: Cassio Gabus Mendes and Tato Gabus Mendes.

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