My name is Gabriel Veliz, I am 19 years old, born in Puerto Cabello in 1994, at age 7 became interested in writing and started writing short stories for children, at age 10, I started writing my first novela in which even I keep working on today, then at 16 entering the Venezuelan navy as naval high school student, which gave me plenty of time to write another novela that also I am currently working on.

Then I moved to Mexico and studied for a school year, at the end of my 4th semester began with the idea of taking my literary works to film and this has caught my attention. Then I met Mr. Aaron Campos currently sub-director of film and culture of the state of Veracruz, with his support I was able to do my project successfully, he also introduced me to Imelda Castro a very good actress, whom with I currently work on some new projects.

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