Carli Dávila


Name: Carli Dávila

Country: Puerto Rico

Company: Bumbia

Position: Creative Strategist

Conference title: “The building of a digital video network through content, traffic and marketing dollars”





Carli Dávila was born in Puerto Rico and spent his early years delivering newspapers and selling mangoes from his backyard.  After graduating from Cornell University he moved to New York City to work with financial databases and investment banking while focusing his creative energy in writing satire for a nascent blogosphere.   His life has been altered after spending 1 year backpacking, 40 days on a motorcycle, a month on a bicycle and 2 days learning how to whistle.

As a creative strategist, Carli has worked in public relations and spearheaded the launch of, Puerto Rico’s main TV station video site, and, a digital video network focused on hispanic audiences and currently offering original and third-party programming in more than 20 content channels.  He keeps his sanity by doing standup and improv comedy.

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