Marcelo Camaño

President of the Argentine TV Authors Association


Author of the series La Dueña and El Pacto. Authorial Coordinator of the series Amores de Historia. Broadcast cycle creator of Secretos Argentinos, radio fiction. Telenovela author of Montecristo (Sold to over 45 countries. Format produced in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Egypt and Dubai. Edited as literature by the label Summa de Editorial Alfaguara) and Vidas Robadas (Extraordinary Award FUNDTV, Highlighted of Social Interest by the House of Representatives of the City of Buenos Aires), both of which won Martin Fierro, Argentores and Clarín awards for Best Telenovela. Author of the telefilm Belgrano. Author of the Unitarians “Television por Identidad,” Stories grandchildren returned by the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo. Clarin Award, Argentores and Martin Fierro. EMMY Award for Best Foreign Production. Author of the telenovelas Doble Vida, El Capo and Resistiré.

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