In past Summits, the presence of the U.S., Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and several Arabian markets, left a great precedent and opened opportunities for the telenovelas and fiction series in the most daring and major projection markets. This year the host country is The United States , in San Juan, Puerto Rico with a very high potential, in both the Latino and the general market. We await for the participation of 16 countries to incentivize the sector.


The most important industry representatives on the regional and global level: entrepreneurs, executives, producers, programmers, businessmen, writers, attorneys, publicity agencies, talent agencies, music agencies, merchandising licensing, investors, public and private channel representatives, pay TV, specialized journalists, dubbing, production and post-production companies,  video games and electronic products, and in general all involved and interdEARested in telenovelas, series, dramas and unitary fiction formats. Within the framework of the summit, the V ENCOUNTER OF LATIN AMERICAN TELENOVELAS AND FICTION SERIES WRITERS will be held; a series, telenovelas, film and entertainment workshop of  active writers and producers of the main TV channels and production houses.


*Production and distribution systems: “New Low Cost” contents offer. (Latin America, U.S.A., Europe and Asia)
*Design of audiovisual products, 360 degrees
*From traditional TV to narratives and transmedia contents
*Infantile and juvenile audiences: the future is there
*Commercialization strategies and online marketing
*Crowd funding and other new financing forms and contents collective creations and outsourcing
* Licensing, merchandising, soundtrack (design and project structuring)
*Web series – Web novelas – Phono novelas – Phono series – Video games – Manga (and other products in their digital format)
*Music as protagonist of these contents and their impact on the entertainment market
*Licencing, merchandising, soundtrack. (Design and project structuring)
*Politics and criteria of fiction programming and promotion. (Acquisition Strategies and Programming)
*Profit windows. (Beyond Branded content and publicity included in the content).
*International Sales and Distribution: Actual reality and strategic markets
*Dubbing to conquer audiences
*Rights, Franchising, Brands and Contents
*Casting and Directors: Success or Failure?
*Incentives Laws in Puerto Rico


*Story purchasing and sale, scripts, formats and cans
*Possibility for development of co-production, bilateral agreements or strategic alliances
*Opportunity to include talents or known faces in remakes and stories. (Hooks to win audiences and press coverage by mixing international artists)
*Franchise offers, Locations, Know How, Soft wares, Video games and Merchandising.
*Share experiences of different Production Schemes, Distribution, Programming and Business Models
*Techniques and associated aspects to equipment, technologies, range of services for product development
*Infrastructure promotion, facilities and locations for the production of these fictions
*Promotion of your enterprise, your brand, products and services in the event and during the media campaign
* We are available for purposes of brand presence at the event, as in our media


A closed circuit in which the attendees have the opportunity to negotiate and exchange ideas and projects.  Below, (among others) companies that have supported the summit since 2003 in the United States; 2004, 2005, 2006 y 2007 in Europe (Spain); 2008 Argentina; 2009 in Colombia; 2010 in Peru; 2011 and 2012 in the United States and now is you opportunity to be present. Ask us for our innovative promotional, sponsorship and marketing initiatives.

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