Andrés Badra

Head of Media


Managing sales and operations for: Telemetro (13), RPC (4) and Telesiete (7) (national network stations), RPC Radio and Caliente (radio stations), Digital, Social Networks and New Platforms businesses, ECO TV, Mall TV and Cable Onda Sports (cable TV stations).

Ad sales for 41 cable television stations locally. Increase of 12% in yearly sales in broadcast networks. 30% TV audiences increase in 9 months; an improvement by 6 EBITDA margin points in 4 years; increasing of 30% production capacity; introducing audience market analysis. For 2012: $58 M sales budget. Revenues duplicated in one year for Internet and new digital platforms.

A13% sales increase in radio stations; 16% annual average growth in sales in cable stations; 36% sales growth vs. 2011 in Mall TV and launch as a broadcast network. Overseeing, 7 VP’s, 1 Director and 2 Managers directly reports and 650 employees.

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